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2009 Retreats were successfully held at Shambhala Mountain Center at Boulder and Encinitas in San Diego. Many miracles took place, such as new openings in dantians and major chakras, instant healing of pains and irritations, strong energy fields with flashes, etc. Please check out the participants' testimonials and click the following link to view retreats photos.

2009 US Retreat Album

2009 Retreat Testimonials

Andrea –
I am so happy I went to the retreat and had a chance to spend quality time with you. I feel a sweet connection with you and a wonderful support.

Annie --

Dear Jane, Thank you for your love & sharing. You light up my life! HYLT! (Annie saw the infinite sign, the DNA spirals and other symbols as well as spheres with golden lights within her chakras during her retreat meditations.)

Charlie –

Dear Jane, you have made us great and full! All the best always.

Edward –

Thank you Jane! Love.

Ellie –

Dear Jane, what a gift meeting you in my life! Thank you for creating a path for us to follow. Deep respect & gratitude! Love.

Jeanne –
Jane, Thanks for the healing weekend!

John –

Jane, thank you for this gift. I’m fortunate and grateful. Much love.

Leonard –
Dear Jane, thank you for sharing your wisdom. Grateful!

Louis –

Jane, thank you for bring me one step to enlightenment!!

Martha –
Dear Jane, you have made a big impact on my life as a role model for compassion, strength and profound kindness and love, with appreciation and love. (Martha experienced burning Huiyin and strong energy soaring in her Dantians during her retreat meditations.)

Sophia –

Jane, I have appreciated the experience of a life time. Thank you.

Taoshen –

Thank you for everything. I love this 2009 retreat very much. (Taoshen experienced remote vision, scent of sage and pounding Dantians during his retreat meditations.)

Todd & Shambhala Mountain Center –

Dr. Jin, thank you for being here and teaching this wonderful program. Your excellent knowledge and ease with teaching give everyone a genuine experience of the path. It is inspiring how you appreciate what Shambhala Mountain Center offers, and don’t worry too much about the challenges! Hope you can keep coming back!

Sara –

With deep love and gratitude! (Sara successfully went through a 5-day fasting during her retreat.)

Skip –
I have always known you.

Other Comments

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences and strength.
  • Surpassed expectations
  • Achieved everything I wanted
  • Solidified practice
  • Thank you very much for the wisdom you shared with us.
  • Picked up nuance of qi walking
  • Loved the new CD’s
  • Really liked the breathing
  • Very happy with workshop
  • Very helpful
  • Still don’t believe what happened
  • Very much appreciate the support of the group
  • Beyond any expectation
  • Learned to take care of myself
  • Thanks for profound dedication
  • It was great; all the exercises were great
  • The week as a whole was tremendous
  • Hope to see you again next year
  • Way beyond anything I expected
  • Was marvelous
  • Plan to see you next year
  • Extremely calming
  • Absolutely great
  • You’re great, The practice is great
  • The group is amazing
  • This is a whole new dimension of teaching
  • I love the practice
  • A great opportunity
  • I loved it. Thank you
  • I really enjoyed the weekend
  • Thank you for coming
  • I just loved it
  • There was a great heart opening with the group
  • The whole retreat was physically easy, so the benefits were multiplied
  • Definitely exceeded my expectations
  • The surroundings made a huge difference to me
  • Longer would be better for next year