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Between June 28th and July 6th 2008, in the beautiful park of Mount Royal in Montreal, Canada, we successfully held our first-year annual retreat with participants from Canada, the United States, Ireland and Italy.

It was a happy meeting of the teacher and students, an exciting get-together of friends and classmates, a recharge of energy and chi, a personal experience of instant healing and a leap in advancement.

Retreat Summary

This is a successful annual retreat of our advanced training course due to the contributions of all the participants from Canada, the United States, Italy and Ireland.

Hearty thanks to all the participants, to Barry for all his help, to Shelly for notes taking and Dawn for editing and photographing.

I’d like to make a brief summary of this retreat so those did not go to the retreat can still share our joy and fruits.

As planned, we went through the traditional forms. According to Master Liu’s suggestions, we introduced modified ways to practice these forms more effectively with less chi consumed: LCUPCD, Three Centers Merge, Body & Mind Form, Stretching Chi, Wall Squatting, Abdomen Massage Method. We also reviewed ZBE, THCMM, re-conducted the Mantra transmission. We taught a new mudra – chained thumb and middle finger mudra (子午连环手),ZBE for Lower Back Opening, Circle Walking.

Though it is a short retreat, each of our participants made incredible progress, thanks to the power of Master Liu’s Tao Field and our wonderful group. As we review our progresses, we are enhancing the results and consolidating our advancement, we may activate more openings, so as I name each person, the rest of the class also try to experience his or her sensations, try to receive the message and energy.

Annie always lost and traveled in galaxies, has opened up not only the 12 channels, but also the Diamond Meridian within the marrow tube, two of her charkas turned into clear thousand-petal golden lotuses. As we discussed about her lotuses, Blythe who was far away in her Church perceived this message, all nine of her golden lotuses blossomed.

Barry – our captain, received an instant healing on his injured knees, experienced fetus breathing, powerful CM sensations, activated the spleen/pancreas meridian, etc.

Charlie is opening up his middle Dantian, spiral chi in the heart chakra, that’s why he felt so much joy, experienced fetus breathing, no sense of body existence, got a tight chi cap on his head, light ball in LDT.

Dawn got a sensation of her Diamond Meridian, clear presence of the central meridian with spiral chi, fire burning within CM, experienced fetus breathing, lost out of the end of universe,

Edward’s three Dantians and the spine got opened up further, got the ability of mind-transportation – moving things around with his mind power, but we forbid him to use it, he is also repairing his neck and nose that were broken in his early age, the earliest one happened when he was three years old, his hips and shoulders were opened up, too. Anymore to share?

Fay was always lost in the Tao Field, tailbone tip started to loosen up, spine lit up, another round of reaction in her knee, very sensitive to the Tao Field, a thin channel opened up in the MDT.

Giuseppe’s lower Dantian opened up, tailbone tip activated, chi went up from tailbone tip to head, the spine opened up.

Louis – the only person not enrolled in our class found himself lost in the universe, full of light, a bump on his arm shrank and disappeared, injuries on his side were healed.

Martha’s upper and lower Dantians were opened up, got ability of remote-vision, saw strangers at airport, a person radiating golden lights meditating on lotus seat in a cave, bright and white lights in head, spiral chi from tailbone tip to Baihui, micro-orbiting, MDT started to become sensitive.

Scott’s CM lit up extending beyond Baihui and Huiyin, clear sensations of the charkas, Dantians got bigger and merged, various lights in the CM,

Taoshen enjoyed a very calm and relaxed chi vacation, pushed a few steps forward by chi during LCUPCD, slept only about three hours a day after getting home. Abundant chi in the upper Dantian, no desire for sleep.