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Jane Jin, Ph.D, translator, educator, author of Life More Abundant (the first English Translation Book of Dr. Pang’s teachings published in 1999), teacher of all the training programs at Awakening Light Qigong Intelligence Center.

Jane started to practice Zhineng Qigong in 1995. She attended various training programs including a Two-year Correspondence Certificate Program at the previous Hua Xia Zhineng Qigong Training Center in China. She received many times of initiation and empowerment from Dr. Ming Pang through hand-shaking and Guan Ding (Energy transmission through the crown).

Jane met Master Zhankui Liu in June 2006 and started to study and teach his healing series and wisdom thoughts.


1. Unsurpassed Strong Energy Field

With Master Liu’s powerful spiritual transmission, energy fields in Jane’s workshops and retreats are always amazingly stronger than other groups with no exception. Participants usually enjoy surprising opening-ups in their Dantians or central meridians.

2. Regenerate the Entire Immune System through a 3-day or 5-day Fasting

Fasting is an ancient yet brand new way for detoxifying and healing. Research finds that fasting "flipped a regenerative switch" leading to new blood and new immune system creation - in just 72 hours. Results from a recent study fall into the category of "remarkable," as it was described (read more).

Based on Master Liu's teachings, Jane provides safe and reliable guidance, instructions and energy support for fasting participants. The healing and detoxifying effects in the internal organs are very encouraging with minimum suffering and discomfort. Annual fasting with Jane is a great experience for healing and being uplifted to a higher level of practice and to be protected from the worsened environmental pollution.

3. Renew life through Master Liu’s Breathing Exercises

Master Liu’s Breathing and Healing Series helped hundreds of thousands of people recover from various serious diseases, including cancers, diabetes, problems with heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, etc. Internal energy activation and cultivation is very important for healing and maintaining a good health. Master Liu’s Series fully focus on cultivating the internal energy.

4. Lectures with Scope and Depth

Jane shares her knowledge, expertise, wisdom and insights with her students in her lectures. Free discussions are greatly enjoyed by retreat participants to ask any questions that need substantial answers.

5. Well Designed and Surprisingly Rewarding

Jane plans her workshops and retreats carefully providing the right trainings to different levels of participants accordingly. Intensive practice and content-rich lectures as well as enhanced training and remarkable healing sessions are integrated to meet various needs. The rewarding benefits make the annual retreat a must-attend tradition for her long-term students.

6. Direct Contact Through the Entire Retreat in a small group

Jane stays with her students from morning till evening everyday through the entire retreat. Participants enjoy a small group retreat life with a family of sisters and brothers.

Join us to have a life-changing experience!


2015 Healing Retreat with a 3-day Fast, Sep.4–7, Brampton, Canada

This healing retreat is tailored to help beginners and those in need of healing to learn how to quickly regenerate and renew their immune system through a 3-day fasting and Master Liu’s Healing Series. 

A 3-day fast is the unique feature to obtain the maximum benefits of this 4-day retreat. 

The costs start as low as $ 585 (including retreat fee, accommodations, Hotel-Center transportation, one diner and fasting supplies). Click here for details. 

The 7th Annual Advanced Retreat with a 5-day fast, Oct.8-13, 2015, Brampton, Canada 

This is the 7th in a series of annual retreats on Zhineng Qigong practices, this follows a tradition that began in Montreal (2008) and continued through Shambala Center & San Diego (2009), San Diego (2010), New Mexico (2011 & 2012), Boulder Colorado (2013). 

The core practice is the newly introduced revolutionary Breathing Meditation that is rooted from Daoist Yin Yang Tuna (阴阳吐纳法) combined with wind-breathing (风呼吸) and natural abdomen breathing methods to ignite the Dantian fire(丹田点火). 

The unique Hunyuan Sword Finger Mudra (混元剑指诀) and point-massaging based on TCM makes this Breathing Exercise very powerful and effective to activate and enhance internal Yuan Chi (元气) and human vitality. 

Five Element Circulating Meditation (五脏循行) and Nine Chakra(九宫开脉)Meditation are also integrated into this intensive retreat practice to help the participants to make a leap in advancement. 

This practice balances the body’s energy centers and enhances the micro-circulative system, which in turn improves respiratory, digestive, blood circulation, and immune functioning. With consistent practice, practitioners can also easily access their innate "super-intelligence," as evidenced by greater mental clarity, increased paranormal abilities and a stronger connection with the source of all life. 

Other practices include modified Bagua(八卦) Circle Walking Meditation,Tailbone Tip Rotating to loosen the Lower Back for Jing-to-Chi cultivation(炼精化气) and some popular modern qigong forms. 

A unique 5-day fasting is for the practitioners to enjoy the amazing detoxifying and cleansing benefits of Daoist Bigu(辟谷)to enhance their immune system and uplift their practice. 

Our energy field is so strong and powerful that participants usually enjoy surprising healings and uplift in their practice with new openings either in their Dantians, Chakras or the Central Meridians. 

The costs start as low as $880 (retreat fee, accommodations, hotel-center transportation, one diner and fasting supplies). Click here for details.

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